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Ezra & Sally Baker Morse; More Morses

Ezra Morse (1791-1873)

Sally Baker Morse (1791-1880)

Reuben Morse (1825-1828)

Osborn Morse (1820-1847)

Howard Morse (1831-1860)

Cynthia Morse (1818-1861)

Alvin H. Morse (1836-1867)

Ezra Morse was born on July 1, 1791, the son of Seth Morse Jr. (1753-1801) and Mary Dean Morse (1754-1842). On January 29, 1815, he married Sally Baker (1791-1880) of Dedham. The couple had seven children: Charles Edwin, Cynthia, Osborn, Sidney, Reuben, Howard, and Alvin H.. At various times Ezra worked as a farmer, yeoman, and wheelwright to support his family.

Sadly, Ezra and Sally outlived most of their own children.

Reuben died on August 27, 1828 at 3 years old of dysentery. Osborn died on April 25, 1847. He was 27 years old, single, and a farmer, when he drowned.

On June 17, 1860, Howard Morse, who had been born in 1831, died at 28 of consumption. He was single and a piano maker. Cynthia Morse died of the same disease on May 5, 1861 at 43; she too was unmarried. Finally, son Alvin H. Morse died on May 29, 1867 at the age of 31, also of consumption. He was single and a wheelwright.

Charles Edwin Morse, the couple’s eldest son, a wheelwright as well, died in 1859. His name, along with those of his two wives, is carved on the other side of the gravestone. Only Sidney outlived his parents; he is not buried in Old Parish.

Ezra Morse died on January 27, 1873 of pleurisy fever and his wife, Sally Baker Morse, died three years later on December 16, 1880 of old age.


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