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The Thompson Farm Family

Robert Thompson (1787-1854)

Sally Rhoads Thompson (1791-1856)

Alfred Thompson (1813-1832)

Harriet R. Thompson Corbett (1816-1850)

Harriet Frances Corbett (1843-1850)


Robert Thompson was born in 1787. On October 11, 1812, he married Sally Rhoads. Sally was the daughter of Eliphalet Rhoads and Mercy Holland Rhoads (lot 114). They were a well-known family in South Dedham.


Robert and Sally Thompson were farmers. They had two children: Alfred Thompson, born in 1813, and Harriet R. Thompson, born in 1816.


Alfred Thompson, the son of Robert and Sally, died at 19 on October 22, 1832.


On March 6, 1842, Harriet Thompson married Benjamin S. Corbett of Hopkinton. They had two daughters: Harriet Frances, born in 1843, and Florence, born in 1847. According to the 1850 Census, Harriet and Benjamin Corbett and their two children lived with the Thompsons. Benjamin Corbett’s occupation was farmer as well.


Harriet Frances Corbett, Benjamin and Harriet Corbett’s daughter (Robert and Sally’s granddaughter), died on December 19, 1850 at 7 years of age. The cause of her death was listed as “disease of the head.”


On November 26, 1851, Harriet Thompson Corbett (daughter of Robert and Sally), died of tuberculosis.


On August 2, 1854, Robert Thompson died of kidney disease at 67.


Two years later, on October 15, 1856, Sally Rhoads Thompson died at 65. Her death was recorded as due to “apoplectic fits.”


All are interred in the family lot.


At some point, Benjamin Corbett and his surviving daughter, Florence, left South Dedham. Benjamin Corbett died in 1863 in New Hampshire. Florence married a man named Andrew Leatherbee; she passed away in Boston in 1915.


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