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Dean, Harrington, Winslow Families

Updated: Apr 29

Albert Dean (1839-1923)

Josephine Harrington Dean (1843-1874)

Eunice Winslow Dean (1856-1917)


The son of Ebenezer and Mary (Farrington) Dean, Albert Dean was born in 1839 in the old family homestead on Dean Street. He was a farmer and life-long resident of South Dedham, later Norwood.


On April 26, 1869 Albert married Josephine E. Harrington. Josephine died on May 10, 1874; she was 29 years old. The cause was given as paralysis of the heart.


Almost nine years later, Albert Dean married Eunice A. Winslow on February 8, 1883. Eunice was the daughter of Elisha A. Winslow and his wife Olive Fisher Winslow. Their marriage united two of the most long-standing families in the community. The couple had two sons, Eben Winslow Dean, born on October 8, 1884, and Orrin Winthrop Dean, born on July 21, 1886.

On July 18, 1917, Eunice Winslow Dean died of bladder cancer at the age of 61. She too had spent her entire life in the town. She had a large circle of friends and was well-loved by her two sons, three brothers, two sisters and especially her husband of 34 years.


Albert Dean died on February 17, 1923. He had fractured his femur and had been ill for several weeks. He was in his 84thyear. The cause of death was listed as cerebral softening and arterio sclerosis with the contributing factor of the fractured femur. He was survived by his two sons, Eben and Orrin, a granddaughter, and his sister, Mrs. Mary Dean Lawrence of Norwood. The funeral was held in his home at 279 Dean Street.

279 Dean St. as it appears in 2022

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