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William, Lois, Joel Fairbanks of South Dedham

William Fairbanks (1752-1842)

Lois Farrington Fairbanks (c1762-1851)

Joel Fairbanks (1801-1822)


William Fairbanks was born on July 22, 1752. His parents were John and Elizabeth Fairbanks. William was a veteran of the American Revolution.


On December 19, 1782 he married Judith Farrington, the daughter of Joseph and Judith Lyon Farrington. They had five children: Amasa, William, Olive, Joel, and Moses. Judith Farrington Fairbanks died on February 13, 1800 at 46 years of age. Her burial site is unknown.


On May 24, 1800, William Fairbanks married a second time. His wife was Lois Farrington, the daughter of Ebenezer and Mercy Cleveland Farrington of Walpole. William and Lois had two children: Joel and Sabin.


Joel Fairbanks, the eldest child of William and Lois Fairbanks was born on July 22, 1801. He died on April 24, 1822. He was buried on the hillside of Old Parish Cemetery in lot 254; his stone reads: In memory of \ MR. JOEL \ FAIRBANKS, \ Son of \ Mr. William and \ Mrs. Lois \ Fairbanks. \ who died \ April 24, 1822: \ Aet. 21


On December 21, 1842, William Fairbanks passed away of old age at 89. He was buried in lot 255 next to his son, Joel. William’s stone was engraved by Michael Gallagher of Canton.


On July 10, 1851, Lois Farrington Fairbanks died. She was interred in lot 256, beside her husband. Her stone reads: In memory of \ MRS. LOIS, \ wife of \ Mr. William Fairbanks, \ who died \ July 10, 1851; \ aged 89 years.


All three stones and accompanying footstones have been reset.

The footstone belonging to Joel Fairbanks was uncovered in 2023.

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