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Childhood Cut Short in the Guild Family

Nathaniel Hewins Guild (1821-1895)

Adeline Sangus Clapp Guild (1827-1856)

Mary A. Guild (1851-1851)

Albert E. Guild (1849-1849)

Nathaniel H. Guild was born on July 30, 1821 in Wrentham. His parents were Nathaniel L. Guild and Sybil Hewins Guild. He was their first-born child.

On April 15, 1846, Nathaniel married Adeline S. Clapp in Dedham. The couple faced tragedy during their brief marriage.

Nathaniel and Adeline had two children. Albert E. was born in June of 1849 but died 5 months later on November 2, 1849. Their daughter, Mary A. was born two years later on March 31, 1851. This child too died within a year. Mary died at 8 months of age on November 13, 1851 of dysentery. Most often spread through contaminated food or water, dysentery is an infection of the intestines that causes inflammation, pain, and diarrhea. Today the disease can be treated with sufficient fluids to keep the victim hydrated.

Adeline S. Guild died on November 2, 1856 in her 29th year, of consumption (tuberculosis).

Nathaniel H. Guild remarried and had three more children with his second wife, Sarah J. Babcock. He died on April 8, 1895 in Medway and was interred in Old Parish Cemetery with his first wife, Adeline, and their two children.

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