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Thomas & Mary Dean Lawrence

Thomas Fisk Lawrence (1840-1910)

Mary F. Dean Lawrence (1852-1926)

Thomas Fisk Lawrence was born in Acton, Massachusetts on November 25, 1840. His father was Thomas F. Lawrence and his mother was Eliza Cole Lawrence. Thomas Fisk Lawrence was a farmer.

Mary F. Dean was the daughter of Ebenezer Dean (1811-1871) and Mary Farrington Dean (1816-1888). Mary Dean was born in South Dedham in the old Dean homestead on Dean Street where, with the exception of a few years, she lived her entire life.

Ebenezer Dean homestead as it appeared in early 20th century on Dean St. near Edgehill Rd.

Ebenezer Dean House after relocation to Bond St. near Walpole St.

On September 23, 1896, Thomas Lawrence married Mary F. Dean. He was 55 and she was 44; it was the first marriage for each. After their marriage, Thomas Lawrence worked the farm on Dean Street.

Thomas F. Lawrence died on April 25, 1910 of senility.

Sixteen years later, on July 10, 1926, Mary F. Dean Lawrence died after about a week of illness. She was survived by four nephews.

Both were interred in the Ebenezer Dean family lot in Old Parish Cemetery. Both their names are engraved on the family stone. In addition, there is a separate stone in memory of Thomas F. Lawrence.

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