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The White Family Plot: Recovered & Restored

Moses White (c. 1699-1755)

Benjamin White (1710-1767)

Sarah White (1728-1786)

Moses White, Jr. (1742-1766)

At the crest of the hill in Old Cemetery, the Old Parish Preservation Volunteers found four headstones (two of which were broken) and two standing footstones. Probing uncovered two more footstones. All belonged to members of the White family.

Moses White (1699-1755) and Benjamin White (1710-1767) were brothers. Their parents were Benjamin White (1666-1728) and Mary Oaksman White (1670-1729).

Moses White married Sarah Woodcock (1693-1768) on August 9, 1723. They had four children: Moses, Benjamin, Samuel, and Sarah. Their son, Moses, died in 1741 at the age of 15. Moses White died on January 19, 1755 at 55 years of age.

Benjamin White married Sarah Talbot (1719-1786) on November 29, 1739 in Stoughton. Thirteen children were born to the couple between the years 1740 and 1764; remarkably, most lived to adulthood. Their second child, and first son, was born in 1742. They named him Moses, Jr. in honor of Benjamin’s brother and the nephew who had died a year earlier. Benjamin White died in December of 1767, at the age of 57; his widow, Sarah, died on March 1, 1786 at the age of 66. Moses Jr., the son of Benjamin and Sarah, died on May 16, 1766 at the age of 24.

In the spring of 2021, OPPV volunteers repaired the broken White stones and reset all four with their accompanying footstones. Moses, Benjamin, and Moses Jr. all have winged death’s head effigies on their stones. Sarah has a distinctive winged figure on her stone’s arch.

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