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The Farrington Family Line

David Farrington (1776-1855)

Susanna Fales Farrington (1774-1809)

Ruth Gould Farrington (1784-1855)

David Farrington was born on December 21, 1776 in Dedham. His parents were Benjamin Farrington and Sarah Fuller Farrington. David was one of twelve children.

On Mary 13, 1797, David Farrington, a blacksmith by trade, married Susanna Fales of Walpole. Her parents were Joseph and Sarah Kingsbury Fales. David and Susanna (known as Sukey) had several children: Harvey, Lucy, Warren, Susan (who later married Eliphalet Fisher, lot 113), Sarah, Betsey (who later married Newell Fisher, lot 12), and David, Jr.

Sukey Farrington died on November 25, 1809 at the age of 35.

On July 2, 1813, David Farrington married Ruth Gould of Greenfield, Massachusetts. They had one son, Daniel B. Farrington (1814-1898), who was interred with his two wives in this Farrington family lot, and one daughter, Mary Gould Farrington (1816-1888). Mary later married Ebenezer Dean (1811-1871) (lot 86).

Ruth and David Farrington died within days of one another in 1855. Ruth died on September 9 and David on September 17, both of cancer. She was 71, he was 79.

The Farrington gravesite will be featured prominently in OPPV's production of Our Town on August 13, 2022.


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