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South Dedham's Brady Bunch: If Greg married Marcia !!!

Jacob Guild (1760-1839)

Chloe May Guild (1764-1848)

Jacob Guild, the son of Aaron Guild (1728-1818) and his second wife, Annah Coney Guild (1728-1776), was born on April 23, 1760. Like his father Aaron, Jacob Guild served in the Revolutionary War.

On December 15, 1780, Jacob Guild married Chloe May (1764-1848), the daughter of Nathaniel May (1711-1774) and Sarah Blackman May (1734-1812) of Stoughton. The couple likely became acquainted because of their “blended” families.

Three years earlier, on December 11, 1777, three years after the death of Nathaniel May and one year after the death of Annah Coney Guild, Sarah Blackman May became the third wife of Aaron Guild. Jacob Guild would have been 17, Chloe May about 13 when his father married her mother. Thus, in 1780, Aaron Guild’s son married his third wife’s daughter; at that time, Jacob was 20 and Chloe was 16.

Even further, when step-siblings Jacob and Chloe married, Chloe’s mother became her mother-in-law and Jacob’s stepmother became his mother-in-law. Aaron Guild, meanwhile, was both father and father-in-law to his son Jacob as well as stepfather and father-in-law to Chloe.

Jacob and Chloe had four children: Jacob, Nancy, George, and Martha May. Two of these children, Jacob Guild and Martha May Guild are interred in Old Parish Cemetery in lot 40.

Jacob Guild, a farmer, died on April 6, 1839 and his wife, Chloe May Guild died on March 27, 1848. Both deaths were attributed to “old age.”


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