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Revolutionary Patriot & Farm Family

Updated: May 25

Asa Everett (1738-1827)

Eleanor Fuller Everett (1754-1824)

Joel Everett (1787-1856)

Eleanor Everett (1788-1863)

Irene Everett Ellis (1790-1873)

Joel Ellis (1789-1852)

Seth Everett (1792-1870)


Asa Everett (1738-1827), born in Dedham, was a Sergeant in the militia on April 19, 1775 when 60 men of the South Parish village headed to Dedham to join the fight against the British Army. Following the war, he married Eleanor Fuller (1754-1824), also of Dedham, on November 20, 1784. They had four children: Joel, Eleanor, Irene, and Seth.

They were a farming family.


On October 28, 1832, Irene Everett married Joel Ellis, both of Dedham. The other Everett children remained unmarried. Joel Ellis died on February 26, 1852, due to an inflammation of the bowel, at the age of 63. His widow, Irene Everett Ellis, remained with her siblings on the Everett family farm. It appears that Seth Everett, the youngest son, was the head of the household.


Joel Everett died of consumption on September 8, 1856 just before he turned 70. Sister Eleanor Everett died on October 23, 1863 at the age of 75. The cause of death was paralysis. Seth Everett died on February 26, 1870 of heart disease at 78. The last sibling was Irene Everett Ellis, widow of Joel Ellis. She died in 1873; the cause of her death was listed as “old age.”


The four Everett siblings and in-law Joel Ellis are all buried in lot 106/107 in Old Parish Cemetery. A note on the town’s plot plan indicates that the “bones of Asa Everett and his wife” are also interred there.

In 1972, the Norwood Rotary Club commissioned local artist Harry E. Fraser to produce a series of drawings of old Norwood houses. One of these was the Seth Everett house, which may well have been Asa Everett’s house originally. It was situated on the northeast corner of today’s Pleasant and Willow Streets.

Harry E. Fraser drawing of Seth Everett house.

Site of Everett farm as it appears in 2023.


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