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Pond Family Tragic Loss

Fanny G. Dean Pond (1826-1855)

Leila C. Pond (1857-1863)

Fanny M. Pond (1860-1863)

Fanny G. Dean was born on April 6, 1826. She was the daughter of Dexter Dean and his wife, Martha W. Vincent Dean.


On March 29, 1845, Fanny Dean married James Monroe Pond. According to the 1850 Census, James and Fanny were living and working the farm with her father, Dexter Dean. In 1855, James was a “table maker” and was likely employed either at the Everett Furniture Company or one of the smaller furniture firms in South Dedham.


Fanny and James Pond had three children: Edwin, Edward R., and William H.


Fanny G. Dean Pond died on April 6, 1855 of fever only a month after her youngest child, William was born. She was 29.


On February 21, 1856, James Monroe Pond was married a second time to Elsie E. Achern, who was from Maine. According to the 1865 Census, James continued to work as a “cabinet maker.”


James and Elsie had two children. Leila C. Pond was born in 1857. She died on June 4, 1863 of “croup,” a disease that causes swelling in the airways and difficulty breathing. She was 5 years old. In a tragedy almost too much to bear, only a week later, a second daughter, Fanny M. Pond, who was born in 1860, passed away on June 12, 1863. Her death was also attributed to croup.


These two young girls are interred in the Dean family lot, next to Fanny G. Dean Pond, James M. Pond’s first wife. Their shared gravestone reads: LEILA C. \ Died June 4, 1863 \ aged 5 yrs 3 mos \ FANNY M. \ died June 12, 1863 \ aged 3 yrs 9 mos \ Children of J. M. & E. E. Pond

Fanny G. Pond gravestone prior to restoration
Fanny G. Pond gravestone after restoration by OPPV

Gravestone of sisters Leila and Fanny M. Pond


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