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More South Norwood Morses

Lewis Morse (1785-1835)

Abigail (Nabby) Fisher Morse (1787-1864)

Albert Morse (1819-1820)


Lewis Morse was born on January 16, 1785 in Dedham. He was the eldest of four children born to John and Mary Lewis Morse. He bore his mother’s maiden name as his given name, a common practice.


On April 28, 1812, Lewis Morse married Abigail Fisher. Born on September 29, 1787, she was the youngest child of Eliphalet and Judith Bullard Fisher, and was known as Nabby.


Lewis and Nabby had four children: John Lewis Morse (1814-1864), Olive Ellis Morse (1815-1871), Albert Morse (1821-1883), and Caroline Morse (1824-1857). They also had a child, Albert, born in 1819, who died in infancy. He is interred in this family lot.


Lewis Morse was a farmer and lived with his family until his death on October 4, 1835 at 50 years of age. His widow, Nabby, died on February 11, 1864 of pneumonia.

In the early 19th century Lewis & Nabby Morse's farmland occupied this current Washington & Short St. intersection in South Norwood..


Lewis and Nabby and their sons, John Lewis Morse and their second son named Albert Morse (and their spouses) are interred in the Morse family lot as well.

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