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Isaac & Nancy Morse Chamberlain South Dedham Farm Family

Isaac E. Chamberlain (1798-1871)

Nancy Morse Chamberlain (1815-1848)

Mary Chamberlain (1813-1893)

Isaac Ellis Chamberlain was born on April 9, 1798 in Roxbury. His parents were Isaac Chamberlain of Roxbury and Sarah White Chamberlain of Dedham. Isaac was the eldest of nine children born to the family.

Isaac E. Chamberlain married Nancy Morse around 1835. She was born in Canton and was the daughter of Samuel Morse and Nancy Gay Morse of Stoughton.

Isaac and Nancy Chamberlain had two children: Nancy Maria Chamberlain, born in 1838, and Samuel Ellis Chamberlain, born in 1845.

The Chamberlains owned and worked a farm in South Dedham. Nancy Morse Chamberlain died on June 5, 1848 of bowel disease. She was 33. Isaac did not remarry.

Neponset St. west of Dean St.; Chamberlain farm site in 2019

In the 1870 Census, Isaac was the head of the household and a widowed farmer. His daughter, Nancy, was keeping house for the family. His son, Samuel was a laborer on the farm. And, the occupation of Isaac’s sister, Mary Chamberlain, who was born in 1813, was domestic servant.

Isaac Ellis Chamberlain died on May 9, 1871 of phthisis (pulmonary tuberculosis) at the age of 73. In 1875, daughter Nancy Chamberlain married John B. Page, also a farmer; she died tragically in a fire in 1924 (lot 42). In 1892 Samuel Chamberlain married Viola Littlefield; he continued to farm the land until his death in 1919.

Isaac and Nancy Chamberlain Grave Markers

Chamberlain stones before OPPV cleaning

Isaac’s sister, Mary Chamberlain died on March 1, 1893 of pneumonia at the age of 80.

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