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Hannah Everett 3 Husbands, 2 Children, 2 Gravestones

Hannah Everett Jackson Fairbanks Bishop (1780-1868)

Samuel Fairbanks (1756-1832)

Cyrus E. Fairbanks (1820-1857)

Olive R. Fairbanks (1819-1900)

Hannah Everett was born on July 6, 1780 in South Dedham. Her parents were Capt. Abel Everett (1756-1813) and Mary Smith Everett (1760-1801). Hannah was the eldest of ten children.

On January 4, 1811, Hannah Everett married Ebenezer Jackson of Easton, NH. Rev. Jabez Chickering, the second pastor of the South Church, performed the ceremony. Ebenezer Jackson was born in 1791 but his death date remains elusive.

In any event, on March 21, 1818, Mrs. Hannah Everett married Samuel Fairbanks of Newton, Massachusetts. Fairbanks was born on April 15, 1756 and was more than 20 years older than Hannah. They had two children: Olive Ruggles Fairbanks (1819-1900) and Cyrus E. Fairbanks (1820-1857). Samuel Fairbanks died on December 28, 1832 at the age of 76.

Six months later, on July 11, 1833, Mrs. Hannah Fairbanks of Dedham married Benjamin Bishop of Sharon. Benjamin Bishop was born on May 22, 1767 in Providence, Rhode Island. Hannah’s children, who were teenagers, continued to live with Bishop, who was a farmer. On November 29, 1852, Benjamin Bishop died of consumption at the age of 84.

Cyrus Everett Fairbanks, the son of Hannah and Samuel Fairbanks, died on December 23, 1857 of typhoid fever. He was 37. Neither he nor his sister, Olive, married.

On April 15, 1868, Hannah Everett Jackson Fairbanks Bishop, three times a widow, died of old age. She was almost 88 years old. Hannah has her own gravestone in addition to the stone that is inscribed with the names of her husband, Samuel Fairbanks and their children.

Olive Ruggles Fairbanks, the daughter of Hannah and Samuel Fairbanks, died on March 23, 1900 of old age. She was 80 years old. In the 1870 census, Olive was living with the family of Joel Talbot and in the 1880 census, her occupation was listed as “servant.” She was interred in Old Parish Cemetery along with her parents and brother.

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