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Everetts of South Dedham; Early American Patriots

Captain Abel Everett (1756-1813)

Mary Smith Everett (1760-1801)

Abigail Guild Everett (1765-1842)

Cyrus Everett (1805-1820)

Abel Everett was born on February 18, 1756 in Dedham. His parents were Eleazer Everett (1712-1786) and Judith Dean Everett (1716-1758). Judith Dean Everett is interred in lot 159 in Old Parish.

On April 19, 1775, at the age of 15, Abel Everett answered the alarm and joined the Company of South Parish Dedham which mustered in Dedham under the command of Captain Bullard. He served for 12 days. Once again, on January 26, 1776, he served for 17 days at Dorchester Heights under the command of Captain Aaron Guild. Everett eventually rose to the rank of Captain while serving in the militia.

Abel Everett married Mary Smith (1760-1801) in Stoughton on September 1, 1779. Mary’s parents were Joseph and Experience Smith of Dorchester. Abel and Mary had ten children: Hannah, Molly, Abel, Hitey, Mary, Lucy, a second Lucy, Lavina, Viny, and Julia. Their only son, Abel, was born in 1783 and died as an infant on July 24, 1783. A second tragedy occurred on February 20, 1791, when Lucy Everett, less than 2 years old, was scalded to death. Mary Smith Everett died on March 17, 1801 at the age of 41.

On July 3, 1801, Abel Everett married Abigail Guild (1765-1842), the daughter of John and Thankful Guild of Weston. Abigail and Abel had three sons: Abel, Horace, and Cyrus.

Captain Abel Everett died on April 2, 1813 as another war was raging.

Cyrus Everett, the son of Abel and Abigail, died on December 6, 1820 at 15 of a “liver and dropsical complaint.” Abigail Guild Everett died on December 20, 1842 at 77.

The names of Abel, his two wives, Mary and Abigail, and his son Cyrus each have a separate gravestone at Old Parish and their names are engraved on the back of the gravestone of his first child, Hannah and her husband Samuel Fairbanks. It may well be that their four graves were washed away during the great storm of the early 1850s, their stones retrieved and then placed together on this site in lot 120.

Combined Abel, Mary, Abigail, Cyrus Everett stone


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