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Emigration to Norwood and Beyond

Marshall E. Brooks (1847-1927)

Charles Foster (d. 1938)

Marshall E. Brooks was born on October 4, 1847 in Nova Scotia, Canada. He emigrated with his wife, Amelia S. Angus (1852-1876).

Marshall and Amelia had several children including Frank (1875-1875) and Ella Mary (1873-1884), who died of consumption. Their daughter, Violet Leonora Brooks, later Pond, (1872-1950) appears to be their only child to reach adulthood.

While living in South Dedham/Norwood, Brooks was employed as a wheelwright, one who makes or repairs wooden wheels. He likely found work at a local carriage shop or at the railroad car shops.

Amelia Brooks died on January 24, 1876 of consumption (tuberculosis) at the age of 24.

On July 1, 1880, Marshall Brooks married Miss Isabel Ross (1850-1922) and he became a United States citizen in 1887.

Their children included Marion Irene born September 9, 1887 who died on January 21, 1889 of marasmus (or a failure to thrive); Edith (1882-1958) and Lee Marshall Brooks (1891-1972).

By the 1900 and 1910 Census, Marshall Brooks was listed as a piano manufacturer in Boston. Isabel Brooks died in 1922. Twice a widower, Marshall Brooks retired and moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, to be with his son, who was a professor of sociology at Chapel Hill. Marshall Brooks died on August 27, 1927 of a duodenal ulcer and acute peritonitis.

Interred in Old Parish Cemetery are Marshall E. Brooks, both his wives, and three of his children: Frank, Ella, and Marion.

Also buried in this double lot belonging to Marshall E. Brooks, is Charles Foster. According to the Norwood Messenger,Foster was a resident of Norwood for many years. He died at his home in Eagleville, Connecticut, on January 26, 1938. The service was held at Norwood’s First Congregational Church with the Rev. William English presiding. Foster’s sister, Mrs. George Readel, lived in Norwood.


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