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Eliphalet Fisher1797-1875

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Eliphalet Fisher was born on May 1, 1797 in Dedham.

which they had owned for a few generations before he was born. The farm was located roughly near today’s 120 Fisher Street in Norwood. He married Susan Farrington of Walpole on May 5, 1822. 

Eliphalet Fisher was known as a kind man who allowed his daughter-in-law and her children to live at the farm while his son, Edwin Eliphalet Fisher, ran a sporting store in Concord, NH. The grandchildren at that time were Jennie born in 1863, Grace born in 1864, and Willard born in 1870. Nicknames were an important part of these children’s lives. Their nickname for Grandfather Fisher was “Bobo.” There were several endearing stories about him. For example, sometimes Eliphalet allowed his granddaughters to curl his hair at night and he slept in the curlers in order to amuse them with his frizzy mop of hair in the morning. 

His granddaughter, Grace Fisher, was born in Norwood, graduated from Bridgewater Normal School, and taught at the Berkeley School in Boston from about 1882 to 1889. She was a friend of Fred Holland Day’s and part of his literary club. Grace later moved on to teach at St Luke's School in Brustleton, PA (outside of Philadelphia) in 1890-92. She married Henry Hollis in 1893.  

Eliphalet Fisher died on May 17, 1875. He is buried here in Old Parish alongside his wife who died in 1883.

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