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Cabinet Maker & Tanner of Early Norwood

John Dean Chickering (1836-1915)

Amelia H. Cokley Chickering (1839-1862)

Mary N. Currier Chickering (1844-1873)

Walter Dean Chickering (1857-1923)

Mary Ida Chickering (1861-1950)

John Dean Chickering was born on July 17, 1836 in South Dedham. He was the son of Dean Chickering (1788-1852) and Mary Dean Chickering (1797-1897)), and became a cabinet maker.

On July 28, 1856, John Chickering married Amelia H. Cokley. The couple had three children: Walter D., Sarah Louisa, and Mary Ida Chickering. Amelia Chickering died in 1862.

On January 17, 1869, John Chickering married Mary M. Currier, who was born in York, Maine. They had no children. Mary M. Currier Chickering died on July 24, 1873 of scrofula, a type of tuberculosis infection.

The 1880 U.S. Census indicates that John D. Chickering, twice a widower, was working in the tannery.

The family lived with his mother, Mary Dean Chickering, in the house at the head of Hoyle Street on Walpole Street, which became known as the “Chickering Place” (today’s 101 Walpole Street). It was Mary Dean Chickering who cared for John’s three children after the loss of his wives. Eventually Sarah Louisa Chickering married Elmer Baker. Walter and Mary Ida never married.

"Chickering Place" as it appears in 2019

John Dean Chickering died on April 18, 1915 of pneumonia with heart disease being a contributing factor. Walter Dean Chickering died on March 1, 1923 of influenza. Mary Ida Chickering died in 1950. For some reason, on the stone, Mary Ida’s date of birth is shown as 1879. She was born in 1861.


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