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An All Too Common Cause of Death

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Irene B. Dean Smith (c. 1807-1829)

There are few records of Irene B. Dean. Likely born in South Dedham in 1807 to Ebenezer Dean and the former Lois Morse. Ebenezer Dean was the son of Jonathan Dean and Elizabeth Balch Dean and the grandson of Rev. Thomas Balch. Records show that Ebenezer and Lois had 6 children between 1798 and 1815, none named Irene. However, there is a gap between 1805 and 1811 during which Irene may have been born. Her gravestone sits in the Ebenezer Dean lot, a further indication that she is the daughter of Ebenezer and Lois Dean.

Irene B. Dean married Warren Smith on April 10, 1828 in Dedham. They moved to Sharon. The couple had one child, Irene Dean Smith, born on December 22, 1829.

A few days later, Irene B. Dean Smith died on December 30, 1829 in Sharon, of complications from childbirth. She was 22.

Her daughter, Irene grew up and married John Edward Everett, the son of Everett Furniture Company owner, Willard Everett.

The historic Ebenezer Dean house, where Irene B. Dean was likely born, was originally situated on the left of what later became Dean Street, across Rte. 1. The house was built around 1700 in the then typical “saltbox” architectural style with a center chimney. In the late 20th century, Paul Eysie had the house dismantled, moved, and rebuilt on his Walpole Street property. The house’s façade can be seen facing the Bond Street playground.

Dean House likely birthplace of Irene B. Dean

Ebenezer Dean house as rebuilt facing Bond St. playground.

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