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A Colonial American Family

John Morse (1753-1825)

Mary Lewis Morse (1761-1832)

Mary E. Morse (1787-1827)

Jabez Morse (1797-1831)

Hannah Bird Morse (1801-1827)

Mary Fairbanks Morse (1754-1780)

John Morse was born on March 25, 1753 in Dedham. His father was John Morse (1727-1804) and his mother was Rebecca Gay Morse (1730-1811). They are interred in the first tomb inside the Washington Street gate at Old Parish Cemetery.

John Morse was a Revolutionary War veteran, answering the call on April 19, 1775. He also served in March of 1776, both times as a Private in the Company of William Bullard.

During the war, on December 10, 1778, John Morse married Mary Fairbanks. She was the daughter of Captain David Fairbanks (lot 206) and his wife Anna Fairbanks (lot 205) of Dedham. Captain David Fairbanks had died on April 19, 1776, at the age of 45.

Mary Fairbanks Morse died on March 12, 1780. She was buried near her father and mother in lot 204. Her gravestone was carved by Daniel Farrington.

On February 9, 1784, married Mary Lewis, who was born on October 13, 1761 in Walpole. Her parents were John Lewis and Deborah Fisher Lewis.

John and Mary Morse had several children including: Lewis (1785-1835), Mary D. (1787-1852), John (1791-1861), and Jabez (1797-1831).

John Morse died on September 2, 1825 in Dedham of old age. On May 10, 1832, his widow, Mary Lewis Morse died; her death too was attributed to old age. They were 72 and 70 respectively at the time of their deaths. Their daughter, Mary, is also interred in this lot.

Jabez Morse, the youngest child of John and Mary Morse, was born on June 10, 1797. He married Hannah Bird Morse, the daughter of George and Martha Bird of Walpole, on November 28, 1824. Hannah Bird Morse died on November 28, 1827 of fever, at the age of 26. Jabez Morse died on September 22, 1831 of tuberculosis.


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