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Tuberculosis Scourge, The Robertson Family

Betsey Atkinson Robertson (1798-1858)

Edwin H. Robertson (1838-1865)


Betsey Atkinson was born on December 11, 1798 in Buxton, Maine. She married James Robertson who was born in Eaton, New Hampshire. The couple had six children: Albert, Loren, Elizabeth, Isaac, Caroline A., and Edwin H. Robertson.


At some point, the Robertsons arrived in South Dedham. Betsey Atkinson Robertson died of tuberculosis on March 12, 1858. She was interred in Old Parish Cemetery.


James Robertson married Eliza Goodwin in Dedham on Mary 12, 1859 and moved away from South Dedham.


The daughter of James and Betsey, Caroline A. Robertson married George B. Talbot in South Dedham. She died of tuberculosis on December 5, 1864 and is interred in lot 76.


Their son, Edwin H. Robertson, who was born in Maine in 1838 and became a carpenter, died of the same disease on November 14, 1865 in South Dedham. He is also buried in Old Parish Cemetery.


Although the name of James Robertson is engraved on the family’s stone, he was not interred here.

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