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The Morgans of Charlestown Interred in Old Parish Cemetery

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Charles D. Morgan (1832-1870)

Mary G. Hartshorn Morgan (1832-1860)

Mary Frances Morgan (1857-1858)

Mary G. Hartshorn was the daughter of John Ellis Hartshorn and the granddaughter of

Daniel Hartshorn. She and her family are interred in the Hartshorn plot in Old Parish. Mary G. Hartshorn was born in 1832. She married Charles D. Morgan on December 30, 1855 in Dedham. The couple moved to Charlestown where Charles Morgan was a milkman.

They had a daughter, Mary Frances Morgan, on January 31, 1857, but on February 24, 1858, the child died of dropsy on the brain; she was buried in the Hartshorn family lot. A son, Charles Wadsworth Morgan was born that same year; he lived to adulthood.

In 1860, tragedy struck again. Still living in Charlestown, Mary G. Morgan died on October 5, 1860 during premature labor; she was 27. Her infant child died as well. They too are interred in Old Parish as is Charles D. Morgan, who died on June 23, 1870 in West Dedham. Morgan was a conductor and died of “softening of the brain,” a condition likely due to bleeding or inflammation.

The Morgans share a gravestone with Mary’s grandparents.

OPPV Restoration in 2020

There is a separate stone commemorating their little girl, Mary Frances Morgan.

The initials M. F. M. are etched into it. This small stone was found a good distance from the Hartshorn/Morgan lot. OPPV workers recovered, cleaned, and reset the stone in the fall of 2020.

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