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The Guild>Smith>Winslow Tannery Legacy Begins

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Abner Guild (1757-1819)

Sarah Dean Guild (1768-1839)

Abner Guild was born on December 11, 1757 to Moses Guild (1725-1789) and his wife Rhoda Man (1735-1797). In 1791, Abner married Sarah Dean (1768-1839), the daughter of Nathaniel Dean (1721-1794) and Abigail Ellis Dean (1737-1824). Abner and Sarah had nine children between 1792 and 1808. One of their sons, Mark Guild (1806-1868), would later become the postmaster of South Dedham from 1857-1861.

It was Abner Guild who opened a tannery near today’s Endicott Street and took on a young John Smith as an apprentice. He later turned the tannery over to Smith who, subsequently gave the going concern to his son, Lyman Smith, and son-in-law, George Winslow. Thus, it was Abner Guild who founded what later became Winslow Brothers & Smith, one of the largest tanneries in the country.

19th century entrance to tannery on Endicott St.

2019 Endicott St. entrance to Winsmith Mill

In 1792, Abner Guild built a large home on the hill above the tannery. Dated in part by a date scratched into an attic beam, the house still stands today at 330 Walpole Street.

Captain Abner Guild died on March 15, 1819 at the age of 61. His widow, Sarah Dean Guild, died on October 30, 1839.

Abner & Sarah Guild Walpole St. home

Walpole St. Guild home as it has survived in 2019

Gravesite of Abner & Sarah Guild in Old Parish Cemetery

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What relation to the family cited was “Captain Aaron Guild? “Who on a spot near the Library left his plow & oxen standing, got his rifle and set off ..?? arriving in time to fire on the retreating British.

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