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The First Deacon

John Everett (1676-1751)

The story of John Everett is the story of the beginnings of Tiot, and Norwood and it is a reminder that the district, and all of Massachusetts, was a colony of England.

Born on June 9, 1676 in Dedham, John Everett was a well-respected resident of South Dedham in 1730 when he was authorized to call the first meeting of the South Precinct (soon to be the South Parish) of Dedham. According to historian Francis Tinker, Everett “served his warrant on each person qualified to vote, requiring them in his Majesty’s name, to assemble…to choose precinct officers.” Everett himself was chosen as Moderator. A year later, he was again selected to address the General Court and petition to allow a meeting-house to be built in the precinct.

Upon the organization of the Church and the calling of Rev. Thomas Balch to be pastor and teach for the new Parish, Everett was elected the first Deacon. After examining church records, Tinker concludes that Everett “appears to have been an active, intelligent, and pious man, laboring for the good of all.” He died on March 29, 1751 at 75 years of age.

John Everett’s headstone and footstone were found broken and damaged. OPPV repaired both as best as possible and reset them next to the grave of Everett’s wife, Mrs. Mercy (Browne) Everett (lot 160). The couple had married on June 3, 1699, and had 8 children who survived infancy. Mercy Everett predeceased her husband in 1749. Her headstone and footstone were also reset.

Recovering John Everett's gravestone fragments.

Restored and reset by OPPV

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