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Talbot Family of Neponset St.

Curtis Talbot (1798-1884)

Hannah Fuller Andrews Talbot (1815-1835)

Emeline Fisher Talbot (1806-1877)

Talbot Farm Rd & Neponset St., site of the Talbot Farm in the 19th century

Curtis Talbot was born on November 15, 1798 to Enoch Talbot (1758-1833) and his wife Catherine Reynolds Talbot (1767-1842). Curtis Talbot was a farmer, like his father.

On October 30, 1831, Curtis Talbot married Hannah F. Andrews, the daughter of David and Susey Fisher Andrews. Hannah had been born on October 15, 1815. Curtis and Hannah had one child, David Curtis Talbot (1832-1897).

On June 17, 1835, Hannah F. Andrews Talbot died at the age of 25.

Hannah Talbot stone after repair and resetting by OPPV

Two years later, on October 29, 1837, Curtis Talbot married Emeline Fisher, the daughter of Calvin and Sibbel Fisher of Dedham. Curtis and Emeline had two sons, Edward Payson Talbot and Granville A. O. Talbot.

On April 7, 1877 Emeline Fisher Talbot died having suffered from paralysis; she was 71.

Curtis Talbot drowned on May 22, 1884. He was 86.

Curtis and both his wives are buried in the Talbot family lot.

Curtis Talbot’s two sisters did not marry. Catherine died on June 29, 1869 of dropsy, and Anna died on March 4, 1881 at the age of 77 of paralysis. They are interred in this family lot as well.

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