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Rebecca Lewis Richards, Early Colonist

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Rebecca Lewis Richards (1734-1777)

Rebecca Lewis was born on October 16, 1734. She was the third child of Nathaniel Lewis and Miriam Draper Lewis (lots 163, 164) and the sister of Nathaniel Lewis, Jr. (lot 261).

On February 9, 1758, Rebecca Lewis married Joseph Richards of Dedham. They had one child, Molly Belcher Richards, born on October 27, 1758.

Rebecca Lewis Richards died on May 31, 1777 at the age of 43. What became of Joseph Richards is unknown. Their daughter, Molly, married Moses Ellis of Walpole in 1778.

Rebecca Lewis Richards was buried next to her parents in Old Parish Cemetery. Her brother Nathaniel’s daughter Lucy (lot 161), who was three years old when she died in 1761 is interred beside Rebecca. Rebecca’s gravestone is badly broken. Volunteers have yet to discover the top of the stone. They did uncover her footstone which was reset in 2022.

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