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Milkman & Farm Family of Albert, Julia, & Mary Morse

Albert Morse (1821-1883)

Julia Sumner Morse (1824-1859)

Mary Mellen Morse (1837-1921)

Christened on July 29, 1821, Albert Morse was the son of Lewis Morse (1785-1836) and his wife Abigail (Nabby) Fisher Morse (1787-1864).

Albert Morse married Julia Sumner, the daughter of Moses and Catherine Sumner, on April 25, 1845. The couple had no children. Julia Sumner Morse died on July 18, 1859 of consumption.

On November 27, 1861, Albert Morse married a second time. His wife was Mary M. Mellen. They had four children: Bertha, Albert H., Robert, and Lillian. Robert died in infancy in 1867; the other three children reached adulthood, married, and moved elsewhere.

By the 1865 Census, Albert Morse was a milkman and remained a milkman until the 1880 Census when he was listed as a farmer. His father had been a farmer as well.

Albert died on November 14, 1883 at the age of 62 of pneumonia.

His widow, Mary Mellen Morse, lived until 1921.

Albert Morse and both his wives are buried in Old Parish in the lot of his father Lewis Morse.

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