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Ellis Farmers and Yeomen in Early South Dedham

William Ellis (1780-1852)

Olive S. Fisher Ellis (1767-1837)

Willard Ellis (1785-1866)

Mary Morse Ellis (1788-1827)

Yeoman Farmers in Early America

William Ellis and Willard Ellis (along with Royal Ellis) were the sons of William Ellis (1733-1806) and Olive Fairbanks Ellis (1742-1806) of Dedham. Born in 1771, Royal Ellis was the eldest.

William Ellis was born on September 23, 1780. He was a farmer. On May 27, 1798, he married Olive S. Fisher, the daughter of Eliphalet Fisher (lot 251) and his first wife, Judith Bullard Fisher (lot 226). William and Olive had no children.

1780 registration of Wiliam Ellis' birth

Royal and William’s brother, Willard Ellis, was born on June 12, 1785. He married Mary Morse, also of Dedham, on July 1, 1810. They too had no children. Willard’s occupation was a yeoman and farmer like his brothers and father.

Olive Fisher Ellis died in 1837. William lived until May 27, 1852 when he died of “old age” at 72.

Mary Morse Ellis died in 1827. Willard died on March 10, 1866 in West Dedham of lung fever. He was 81.

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