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Ebenezer Gay..a dealer in Shoe Findings

Ebenezer Fisher Gay (1820-1871)

Sarah A. Webster Gay (1821-1848)

Esther P. Todd Gay (1818-1877)

Ward Livingston Gay (1852-1892)

Sarah Fisher Gay (1851-1939)

Ebenezer Fisher Gay, the son of Oliver Gay and Mary Fisher Gay, was born in September of 1820 in Dedham.

On May 23, 1847, Ebenezer Gay married Sarah A. Webster, whose parents were listed as Charles and Martha Reed in the marriage record. The couple had one child, Charles Webster Gay, born on April 28, 1848. On June 11, 1848, Sarah Webster Gay died of puerperal fever, due to an infection following childbirth.

Widower Ebenezer Gay married Esther P. Todd in Dedham on September 15, 1849. She was born in NH on December 7, 1818. They had two children: Sarah Fisher Gay (1851-1939) and Ward Livingston Gay (1852-1892).

Ebenezer F. Gay was a dealer in “shoe findings” which are shoemakers’ tools and supplies (soles, tips, eyes, clips), with the exception of leather.

Gay died on November 15, 1871, of pleurisy fever. His wife, Esther, died on March 30, 1877 of cancer. On January 6, 1892, son Ward L. Gay died of brain fever.

Boston Globe Sep. 21, 1875

Also buried in this site was Sarah Fisher Gay, who was born on June 5, 1851 and died on July 25, 1939. She was interred in the family lot on July 27, 1939. Ebenezer Gay’s name is prominently carved on both sides of the gravestone.


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