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Veteran of War of 1812 in Old Parish Cemetery

Daniel Hartshorn (1787-1871)

Polly Ellis Hartshorn (1787-1872)

Daniel Hartshorn was born in Walpole on March 13, 1787. He married Polly Ellis on February 10, 1810 in Dedham. Polly had been born on January 6, 1787. The couple had two children: John Ellis Hartshorn (1810-1892) and Caleb Ward Hartshorn (1813-1898).

Daniel enlisted as an Ensign in Captain Clapp’s Company which was raised at Walpole and the vicinity during the War of 1812. An unpopular war due to its threat to maritime traffic and commerce, the Governor of Massachusetts was reluctant to enter the conflict. But, on September 6, 1814, Governor Strong issued an order for the state militia to be ready to march to Boston on a moment’s notice. Most Companies of soldiers served in Boston from September 10 thru October 30. Daniel Hartshorn was in service from September 10, 1814 to October 30, 1814. President Madison completed a treaty on December 24, 1814 and peace was proclaimed on February 18, 1815.

In 1831, Daniel and Polly Hartshorn came to the South Parish of Dedham where Daniel became a farmer. Because he was not living in South Dedham at the time of his service in the War of 1812, his name is not included on the Memorial Tablets in the Municipal Building.

Daniel Hartshorn died on July 21, 1871 of old age at 84. Less than a year later, his widow, Polly, died of old age on April 5, 1872.

Hartshorn stone prior to 2020 repair

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