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US Route 1 Crosses Site of 19th Century Fisher Farm

Leonard Fisher (1785-1861)

Abigail Smith Fisher (1786-1874)

Mary W. E. Fisher (1815-1898)

Leonard Fisher, Jr. (1822-1900)

Leonard Fisher was born on January 4, 1785 in South Dedham. He lived in the family farm working farmlands bordered by Neponset, Pleasant, and Cross Streets. On May 19, 1812 he was married in Dedham to Abigail Smith (1786-1874). The couple had 6 children, 2 of whom died at one year or younger.

Fisher family home ca. 1890 Neponset St.

The Fishers were members of the South Church of Dedham (today’s Congregational Church). On May 14, 1828, Fisher was injured by falling timbers during the building of the Church’s third meeting house which was located on the east side of Washington Street near the foot of today’s Chapel Street.

Approximate site of South Church of Dedham in 1828

Another parishioner, Homer Fales, was killed in the incident.

Leonard Fisher died on January 18, 1861, at the age of 76. His wife, Abigail Smith Fisher lived until 1874. Both are interred in this lot in Old Parish Cemetery.

Two of Leonard and Abigail Fisher’s children, Mary W. E. Fisher (1815-1898) and Leonard Fisher, Jr. (1822-1900), spent their lives on the farm as well. Neither married. Mary Fisher died on October 19, 1898 of influenza at 83. Two years later, Leonard Fisher, Jr. died on March 30, 1900. He was 77 years old and died of old age after a bout of influenza.

The Fisher homestead on Neponset Street burned down; today the Boston-Providence Highway cuts off the northerly end of Neponset Street.

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