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The Cummings Family in Prominent Old Parish Plot

George Spaulding Cummings (1830-1902)

Sarah A. Emery Cummings (1829-1900)

Arthur E. Cummings (c 1857-1861)


 George Spaulding Cummings was born on January 4, 1830, in Plymouth, New Hampshire. On September 30, 1854, he married Sarah Alicia Emery. Sarah was born in 1829, also in New Hampshire.


A cabinet maker, George Cummings brought his family to South Dedham sometime before 1855 when he and his wife appear in the U.S. Census.


The couple had four children: Arthur, Carrie, Nellie, and Amy.

Arthur E. Cummings, their first child, was born on November 9, 1856 in South Dedham. He died on 24 March 1861 of congestion of the brain. He was four years old.

By 1870, the family was living in Geneva, New York and by 1880, George was a railroad conductor there.


Sarah E. Cummings died on December 3, 1900; George S. Cummings passed away two years later on February 8, 1902. Although they had moved from South Dedham (Norwood by that time), they were interred in the Old Parish Cemetery beside their son.

Only Arthur Cummings has a memorial stone.


George, Sarah and Arthur Cumming are buried in lot 43, which is designated as the Cummings/Comey plot. Their name is engraved in the granite coping surrounding the plot. If or how the Cummings family and the Comey family were related is unknown.


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