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Oliver Guild, South Dedham Patriot

Oliver Guild, Sr. (1755-1814)

Anna Bullard Guild (1757-1847)

Salle Guild (1782-1785)

Oliver Guild was born on January 29, 1755. His father was Aaron Guild; his mother was Guild’s first wife, Sarah Coney Guild. Within two weeks of Oliver’s baptism, Sarah died on February 18, 1755 just shy of her 22nd birthday.

According to Revolutionary War records, Oliver Guild answered the alarm on April 19, 1775, although only 20 years old. He also saw service in October, 1775. In 1776, he served at Dorchester Heights for 14 days during the British siege of Boston. As the war continued, he was called into service again for 12 months, from January 1778 through January 1779.

On July 8, 1779, Oliver Guild married Anna Bullard. Anna was born in Dedham on June 9, 1787; her parents were Jonathan and Anna Bullard.

Oliver and Anna had four children: Oliver, Jr., Salle (who died at 3 years of age), Lewis, and Sally (named for her deceased sister).

Daughter Salle Guild, who died on June 30, 1785, was interred in lot 211.

Oliver Guild, Sr. died on February 14, 1814. He was 59. Anna Bullard Guild survived him by more than three decades. She died on March 5, 1847 of old age. Oliver and Anna’s gravestones are set in lot 64, which belonged to their son, Lewis. It is possible that their stones had been dislodged during the flood of the early 1850s and were reset in this lot. Salle Guild’s stone was apparently untouched and remains at the top of the hill.

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