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Elenor Ellis Fuller 1758-1844 & Family

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Elenor Ellis of South Dedham married Eliphalet Fuller on May 25, 1786. On September 17, 1792, the couple’s three children, sons Ellis and Ira, and daughter Lucy, were baptized at the Church of Christ in Dedham, Second Parish (now the First Congregational Church). 

Eliphalet Fuller died on August 15, 1827. According to church records, “While in perfect health, he dropped down dead in his field at work,” There is no record of where he was buried. Elenor Ellis Fuller died on September 23, 1844. She was 86 years old and was interred in plot 38 in Old Parish Cemetery. 

Her son, Ellis, who was elected to Dedham’s Board of Selectmen in 1833 and served for 7 years, died in 1857. Daughter-in-law Lucy (Gay) Fuller, died in 1868 (Ellis and Lucy Gay were married on August 1, 1815); and son, Ira, died in 1876. All are buried in the family lot as well.

While repairing and resetting the grave stones of Ellis and Lucy, our volunteers made a discovery. The bottom half of Elenor Fuller’s grave stone was found under several inches of grass. Some time ago, the top half had been moved into storage at Highland Cemetery. OPPV reunited the two halves and reset Elenor Fuller’s grave stone. It now stands, whole and upright, for the first time in decades.

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