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Burtons, Mother & Son in Old Parish Cemetery

Margaret Burton (c 1825-1869)

Thomas Burton (c 1851-1864)


The story of the Burton family is chiefly lost to history.


It is known that Thomas Burton died on March 9, 1864 at the age of 13 in Canton. He had been born in Dover, NH, and his death was listed as “accidental.”


Thomas Burton’s parents were James Burton, a cabinetmaker, born in England, and Margaret Ashton Burton, also born in England. Margaret Burton died on April 8, 1869 in South Dedham at the age of 44.


By the time the Old Parish Preservation Volunteers got to work, the Burtons’ gravestone had been vandalized and broken in two. The two halves were found in different parts of the cemetery’s hill. OPPV put the stone back together, repaired, and reset it.

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