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Annie Smith's Final Trip Home

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Anna C. Pratt Gould Smith (1858-1924)

Anna Pratt was born in 1858 in South Dedham to Simon E. Pratt (1807-1886) and Charlotte Everett Pratt (1817-1896) who had married on September 22, 1836.

Annie, as she was called, married Charles Walter Gould (1857-1914), a farmer, on October 20, 1878. The couple had one child, Stanley Curtis Gould, who was born on March 25, 1889. By the time Stanley was born, C. Walter Gould was working in the tannery.

Sometime prior to 1900, Annie divorced C. Walter Gould, who, at 43, was then a resident of the Sharon Almshouse and worked as a servant for Daniel and Emma Devoe of Sharon. Gould died in 1914 at the age of 57 and was buried in the graveyard on Pleasant Street, now known as the Charles Sumner Bird Memory Cemetery.

On July 11, 1900, Annie Pratt Gould was married a second time to Henry Arthur Smith (1856-1917), a carpenter. At the time of her marriage, Annie was a dressmaker. The couple lived at 165 Vernon Street in Norwood. Henry Smith died in June of 1917.

1918 residence of Annie Smith

By 1918, Annie Smith and her son, Stanley Gould, were residing at 165 Vernon Street. Stanley was a pressman, either at Norwood Press or Plimpton Press. During World War I, he had served in the United States Navy. Around 1922, mother and son moved to Glendora, California, where Stanley continued to be employed as a pressman.

On May 30, 1924, Anna was coming home to visit her brother Charles Pratt of Dedham when she was taken ill and was found unconscious in her berth on the train when it arrived in Boston. Death was attributed to heart failure. She is buried in Old Parish Cemetery beside her parents.


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