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Andrews Family Gravesite Restoration

Joel Andrews (1777-1820)

Levina Morse Andrews (1780-1804)

Chloe Everett Andrews (c1783-1820)

Hannah Andrews (1775-1830)

Joel Andrews was born in May of 1777. He was the youngest child of David Andrews (1748-1778) and Hannah Fuller Andrews (1749-1783) who were married in October 1771 in Dedham. Joel had two siblings: Hannah, born in 1774 (lot 63), and David, born in 1773 (lot 102).

On March 29, 1800, Joel Andrews married Levina Morse, the daughter of Oliver and Sarah Pettee Morse. Joel and Levina had two children: Lavina, born in 1801 and John, born in 1804.

Levina Morse Andrews died on August 22, 1804 at the age of 24. Her death may well have been related to the birth of her son, John.

A year later, in August of 1805, Joel Andrews married Chloe Everett in Dedham. Born around 1783, she was the daughter of Nathaniel and Rhoda Everett. Joel and Chloe had two daughters: Maria, born in 1806, and Harriet, born in 1810.

On January 7, 1820, Chloe Everett Andrews died. Her death was attributed to “dropsy.” Dropsy was a term used to describe a generalized swelling, synonymous with heart failure. Treatment options were few and were aimed at relieving the fluid retention; thus, bloodletting was a common treatment. Chloe Andrews was 37 when she passed away.

A few weeks later, on January 24, 1820, Joel Andrews died at the age of 43. His death was attributed to “lethargy,” a term which usually referred to a state of extreme fatigue, lack of energy and depression.

Joel Andrews’s sister, Hannah Andrews, passed away ten years later on June 19, 1830 from cancer. She was 55. Joel, both his wives, and his sister are interred in this family lot.

Retrieval, restoration, resetting of Joel Andrews stone by OPPV

The Andrews family plot restored

Chloe and Hannah Andrews

Joel and Levina Andrews

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