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An Apel Family Tree

John Apel (1857-1858)

Henry C. Apel (1859-1860)

Joseph P. Apel (1873-1875)

Joseph C. Apel (1877-1879)

John Adam Apel was born in Germany in 1826. He married Anna Martha Hahn.

Apel was a varnisher and was likely employed in one of the furniture factories in South Dedham. The family appears in the census of 1850, 1865, 1870, and 1880.

John and Anna had several children, four of whom died at a young age and were interred in Old Parish Cemetery. John, who was born in 1857, died in 1858. Henry, who was born in 1859, passed away in 1860. The cause of their deaths is unknown. Three daughters – Amelia, Louisa, and Anna G. – were born to the family between 1860 and 1865. And another son, William A. Apel, was born in 1871.

On November 14, 1873, twin sons were born: Joseph Peter Apel and George Conrad Apel. At that time, their father was identified as a cabinetmaker, still involved in furniture making.

Two years later, on December 5, 1875, Joseph Peter Apel passed away at two years of age. His twin, George, lived to adulthood.

On June 9, 1877, another son was born: Joseph Christopher. Tragically, he died less than two years later on March 2, 1879.

Sometime after 1880, the family moved to Somerville, Massachusetts. Lot 62 was purchased in Highland Cemetery and a large granite stone was placed there. The remains of the four young boys were relocated to this cemetery, leaving the lot in Old Parish Cemetery empty. John Adam Apel died in Somerville in 1903. The cause of his death was listed as “exhaustion” with a secondary cause of “chronic rheumatism.” Anna Martha Hahn Apel died on December 31, 1909 of myocarditis. She too lived in Somerville with her son, George C. Apel

Along with John Adam Apel, his wife, Anna Martha Hahn Apel, and their four little boys, the lot is the final resting place of daughter Anna C. Apel (1865-1944), son William A. Apel (1871-1958) and his wife, Grace F. Jacobs Apel (1875-1957), and two of William and Grace’s children: George E. Apel (1904-1963) and Kathryn Apel MacLeod (1901-2001).

Apel gravestone in Highland Cemetery, Norwood, MA


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