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The Talbots of Neponset St.

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Enoch Talbot Jr. (1796-1862)

Mary Cummings Talbot (1804-1882)

John C. Talbot (1828-1861)

Frances Billings Talbot (1837-1866)

Enoch Talbot Jr. was born on September 8, 1796. He was the son of Enoch Talbot and Catherine Reynolds Talbot (lot 105). They were a family of farmers as were many in South Dedham village in the early 1800s.

In the fall of 1827, Enoch Jr. married Mary Cummings. She was born on November 25, 1804. The couple had two children: John C. Talbot (1828-1861) and Mary Louisa Talbot (1830-1907). Mary Louisa married John Gerald.

John C. Talbot was born on April 10, 1828. On April 21 1859 he married Frances Glidden Billings who had been born in 1837 in Carlisle. They lived and worked on the farm with John’s parents, Enoch and Mary. John and Frances had a son, named John, who was born on August 4, 1860 and died a day later. They also had a daughter, Maria, born in 1861.

The meadowlands comprising the Talbot farmland on Neponset St. was developed in the early 21st century into a suburban neighborhood.

Original home and site of the Talbot family home substantially remodeled as it appears in 2023.

On October 12, 1861, John C. Talbot died of “slow fever” which could have been the result of any number of unidentified diseases. A gravestone for John C. Talbot and his infant son stands in lot 37. It reads: “JOHN C. TALBOT \ Born \ April 10, 1828 \ Died \ Oct. 12, 1861 \ Lost to sight to memory ever dear. \ Also an infant son.” His widow, Frances Billings Talbot died on August 19, 1866. Her gravestone stands in lot 37 as well. Both have been reset by volunteers.

Enoch Talbot, Jr. died on March 6 1862. His widow, Mary Cummings Talbot died on September 19, 1882. Their stone is in lot 105. The death of John C. Talbot, their son, is also noted on their stone.

Talbot family stone, Enoch, Mary, John C.

Frances G. Talbot stone before OPPV restoration.

Frances Talbot stone repaired and reset by OPPV

John C. Talbot stone resetting by OPPV

John C. Talbot after restoration and cleaning by OPPV

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