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The Life of John, Miriam & Phebe Andrews

John Andrews (1804-1866)

Miriam Lewis Dean Andrews (1804-1835)

Harriet S. (Phebe) Kendall Andrews (1802-1863)

Newell B. Andrews (1833-1833)

Newell B. Andrews (1843-1849)


John Andrews was born in 1804. He was the son of Joel Andrews (1777-1820) and Lavina Morse Andrews (1780-1804).


On December 10, 1826, John Andrews married Miriam Lewis Dean. She had been born on December 2, 1804. In 1833, John and Miriam had a son, Newell B. Andrews. The child died seven months later on November 14, 1833. Miriam died on August 8, 1835 at the age of 31.


On December 9, 1838, John Andrews married Harriet Kendall, who had been born on November 7, 1802 in Shirley, Massachusetts. She was called Phebe. In 1843, they had a son, also named Newell B. Andrews. He died on November 1, 1849 at 6 years of age.


Harriet Kendall Andrews died on October 5, 1863. The cause is unknown. John Andrews passed away on March 1, 1866 of heart disease. He was 62.


All are interred in lot 63 of the Old Parish Cemetery.

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