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The Fisher/Farrington Connection

Newell Fisher (1803-1876)

Betsey Farrington Fisher (1805-1875)

Newell Fisher was born in February, 1803 in Dedham. His father was Oliver Fisher (1771-1804) and his mother was Olive Smith Fisher (1774-1857) (lot 253).

Newell Fisher married Betsey Farrington on March 6, 1825 in Dedham. Her parents were David Farrington (1776-1855) and Susanna Fales Farrington (1774-1809) (lot 27).

Newell was a farmer; Newell and Betsey had three children: Lucy, Jason, and George.

Betsey Farrington Fisher died on August 15, 1875 of cholera at the age of 70.

A year later, the widowed Newell died in Walpole on May 8, 1876 of paralysis.

The Fisher stone was broken in two and the top portion was uncovered in the spring of 2021 by the Old Parish Preservation Volunteers. As happened so often, the stone had been covered by grass. In the fall of 2021, the stone was repaired, reset, and cleaned.

Newell & Betsey Fisher stone prior to OPPV restoration

OPPV restoration in 2021

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