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Sailmaker & Nurse in "...endless rest"

Benjamin V. Leach (1816-1855)

Lucy E. Fisher Leach (1826-1874)

Benjamin Vinton Leach was born on July 3, 1816 in West Bridgewater. He was the son of Thomas and Susana Holbrook Leach.

On July 10, 1847, Benjamin Leach married Lucy Elizabeth Fisher. Lucy was born on March 29, 1826 and was the daughter of Newell Fisher (1803-1876) and Betsey Farrington Fisher (1805-1875) of South Dedham, later Norwood. Benjamin and Lucy Leach had no children.

According to the 1850 Census, Benjamin Leach was a sailmaker; in the 1855 Census, his occupation was listed as bootmaker. On June 16, 1855, Benjamin Leach, 39, died of dropsy. Dropsy is an old-fashioned term for swelling of the soft tissue. Today, a diagnosis would be made as to the cause – such as congestive heart failure – of this accumulation of excess fluid.

Lucy Fisher Leach was a nurse. On April 7, 1874, she died in Salem due to burns acquired

during an explosion of some sort. She was 48.

Both Benjamin and Lucy, who predeceased both of Lucy’s parents, are interred in the family lot along with Newell and Betsey Farrington Fisher.

Their stone reads:



July 3, 1816.


June 16, 1855.


His home is now among the blest,

And sweet will be his endless rest.


his wife

Born March 29, 1826


April 7, 1874

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