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Oliver Fisher Marries Judith Fisher & Olive Smith

Oliver Fisher (1771-1834)

Judith Fisher Fisher (1775-1801)

Olive Smith Fisher (1774-1857)

Rufus Fisher (1808-1834)

Jason Fisher (1810-1820)

Oliver Fisher was born on January 16, 1771 and died on March 12, 1834 of intemperance.

Oliver was the son of Oliver Fisher (1747-1817) and Sarah Morse Fisher (1751-1780). A farmer by trade, he married Judith Fisher, a second cousin, on November 27, 1793. Judith’s father was Eliphalet Fisher (1747-1829) (lot 251) and her mother was Judith Bullard Fisher (1749-1796) (lot 226).

Oliver and Judith Fisher had two children: Oliver (1796-1871) and Eliphalet (1797-1875)

Judith Fisher died on March 4, 1801.

Four months later, on July 8, 1801, Oliver Fisher married his second wife, Olive Smith (1774-1857), who was the daughter of Oliver Smith and Sarah Gay. The couple had several children: Judith (1802-1869), Newell (1803-1876) (lot 12), Rufus (1808-1834), Jason (1810-1820), and Sarah Marie (1815-1886).

Olive Smith Fisher lived until April 22, 1857 when she died of old age. Two of her children predeceased her: Jason, who died on June 5, 1820 at 10 years of age, and Rufus, who was 26 when he died on July 21, 1834, just a few months after the death of his father.

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