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Mylod Family and Street

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

William A. Mylod (c.1799-1859)

Delina Morse Mylod (c.1804-1884)

William Austin Mylod was born c. 1799 in Franklin, Massachusetts. By 1823 he was living in Dedham and on June 1 he married Delina Morse, also of Dedham. The couple had several children including Caroline, Mary, Alfred, Warren, Henry, Austin, Mary T., and William II.

Mylod listed his occupation as “yeoman” in the 1855 census, an antiquated term that usually meant a landowner of considerable acreage. He may have farmed the land himself, or leased it out to others. William Mylod died on December 1, 1859 at the age of 60 of heart disease. His wife, Delina Morse Mylod, died on January 16, 1884, of dropsy, at the age of 80.

Along with the couple, are buried daughter Caroline T. Mylod, who died at 4 years old in 1829 and a daughter, Mary, who died in 1844 at only 6 months of spinal disease.

A daughter-in-law Roxanna Hammond Mylod, who married their son Alfred Mylod on April 5, 1853, died in 1854 of consumption. She was 23 years old. She too was interred in this family lot.

In 1916, when their son, Henry B. Mylod died at 82, it was noted that he had been born on June 13, 1834 on Mylod Street in South Dedham, a street that had been named for his father, William A. Mylod. Henry, who had been in failing health for a number of years, was a life-long resident and had resided at 100 Cottage Street before his death. He was buried in Highland Cemetery.

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Unknown member
Oct 22, 2021

What was William A. Mylod's occupation?

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