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Eliphalet & Betsy Fuller Early American Farm Family

Eliphalet Fuller (1796-1872)

Elizabeth Richards Sumner Fuller (1800-1885)

Eliphalet Fuller was born in 1796. His parents were Eliphalet Fuller and Elenor Ellis Fuller (lot 38). He was a farmer in South Dedham.

On November 3, 1839, Eliphalet Fuller married Elizabeth Richards Sumner. It was her second marriage. Elizabeth Richards was born on May 28, 1800 to Joseph and Abigail Stowell Richards. Abigail Richards and her daughter Hannah Richards are buried in lot 83 in Old Parish.

Elizabeth Richards married Nathaniel Sumner on September 18, 1819. They had four children: Priscilla, Nathaniel, Joseph, and Elizabeth. After her husband’s death, Elizabeth Richards Sumner married Eliphalet Fuller. Eliphalet and Elizabeth Fuller had one child: Augusta Mason Fuller, born in 1844.

Eliphalet Fuller continued to farm his land in South Dedham and then Norwood. He died on November 21, 1872 during the first year of Norwood’s incorporation. He died of old age. Elizabeth Richards Sumner Fuller died on July 11, 1885. Her death was also attributed to old age.

Eliphalet & Elizabeth(Betsy) Fuller's gravestone reset by OPPV.


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