Since OPPV began work in 2018 cleaning, repairing, and resetting gravestones, Patricia Fanning has been documenting the gravesites and burials within Old Parish Cemetery. Using original Dedham and Norwood records, previous catalogs of burials by Emma Gay in 1888, by F. Holland Day in 1926, and, more recently, Laurie Kearney, along with the 1890 Caleb Ellis map, she has revised the map adding confirmed burial sites and newly found gravestones. She has also compiled an updated database using these materials, resolving discrepancies among them, and added new information such as cause of death and the names of stone carvers whenever possible. An abbreviated version of this database is available by clicking on the link below. It is an ongoing project.

Our thanks go out to John Anderson, registered land surveyor from Walpole, who volunteered to update the map itself.

​As we continue our work, this map and database will be updated to reflect new discoveries to aid historians and genealogists interested in the resting places of early settlers and the history of Old Parish Cemetery.

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