About us


Old Parish Preservation Volunteers are dedicated to caring for this historical site within the town of Norwood.  We offer our time and willingness to work at improving this local historical asset.

Old Parish Preservation Volunteers (OPPV) is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) Charitable Organization with no connection to the Town of Norwood, MA.

President Patricia Fanning

Treasurer Leslie Powers

Clerk Kate Allendorf

Director Tom Lambert
Director John Grove

What Can I do?

You need no special skills to lend a hand.  We all are learning on-the-job how to reset fallen stones, properly clean and care for gravestones, learn something about South Dedham's (Norwood) earliest inhabitants, and map the cemetery for town history, genealogical research and family memorials.

Thanks Donors


Robert Donahue

Maureen Graney


Joseph R. West

Mary Ann & Peter Violette


Andrew & Ernest J. Boch Memorial Fund

Dempsey Insurance

Dedham Savings

Karen Elias

David Hern, Jr., Attorney at Law

Kraw Kornack Funeral Home

Gillooly Funeral Home

Joseph R. West

John and Jean Hall

Norwood Women's Community Committee

Robert Donahue


Kate Allendorf

Claire Lajoie Alty

Suparna Basu-Ravis

Andrew and Ernest Boch Memorial Fund

Kelli Thomas Conroy

Dedham Savings Bank

Dempsey Insurance

Robert Donahue

Karen Elias

Kraw-Kornack Funeral Home

Patricia Fanning

John M Grove

David Hern, Jr., Attorney-at-Law

Tom Lambert

Carolyn Giuliano MacLeay

Terry Mate

Miscellaneous Cash Donations

Norwood Monumental Works Inc.

Amy Grove Nicholson

Pauline Peterson

Mary Phinney

Sue Poston

Leslie Powers

Janey & Jim Price

Barbara Rand

Mary Ann & Peter Violette

Joseph R. West

Women's Community Committee

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